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Knox security provides high end security systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications in the metropolitan areas of NJ and Phoenix AZ. Our packages range from basic security systems to advanced. You can even add to your current security without the need for major equipment changes. Knox security has the ability to upgrade and add; cameras, integrated home automation and upgraded communication equipment, giving you control of your homes security through your smart phone or device. With these features you can now access and control your home security, cameras, lights, thermostats, and locks remotely through your smart phone or computer. If you already have a security system, you can still update your system without the need to replace major components.

Knox Security Specializes in every aspect of today’s security technology with a standard of customer service that is unsurpassed in today’s security market. No matter what time of day you will always be able to speak to a friendly professional.  Our installation technicians are held to the highest standard and provide the absolute highest level of installation and programming as well as customer service. There is no job to daunting or demanding for us to handle, we pride ourselves of going above and beyond for our customers

Knox Monitoring helps prevent false alarms through multiple features; visual verification, audio verification, and sensor verification. Alarm signals are received by our central station immediately, then you are instantly notified of the situation and police are dispatched. There are no 30 second delays on our systems where as some large companies do this giving the burglar more time in your home before police are dispatched.

The benefits of today’s modern home security systems are endless. They give you total control of your homes security no matter where you are through your smart phone or device. The security systems can even be coupled with automation giving you control of even more devices in your home such as lights and thermostats. Not only giving you peace of mind at a moment’s notice but also the comfort of knowing you can control your homes energy usage.


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Knox Security has a variety of custom packages to meet all of your security needs no matter how big or small. 


     -Security Systems


     -Security Cameras: IP, Wireless, HD, CCTV

     -Access control

     -Home Theater Systems


-DIY: Security Systems and Automation

-DIY: IP Video Surveillance Systems.



Phoenix Home Security | Phoenix Security Systems | Home Security Phoenix | Security Systems Phoenix