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For over 30 years Knox Security Services has strived to ensure homes and businesses are well equipped to deal with the rapidly changing world in the areas of security and entertainment. Knox is located in Phoenix, AZ and offers a variety of security and monitoring systems, video surveillance systems, and a number of home theater options and packages that can make any home or business stick out from the rest.

Safe Guard Your Business

Knox helps business owners and managers take control and protect their career using state of the art video security systems and an access control feature. Knox works with businesses from every industry and will gladly place an interconnected network of surveillance cameras at the right positions, allowing authorized personnel a crystal clear view into every aspect of the business, both inside and out.

Knox can even take it up a notch with their access control monitoring system. Using an electronically motion sensor key pad, upper management controls who is able to enter what parts of a building and can even specify the hours they are able to do so. This system can also prevent employees and others from entering restricted areas of a building, reducing theft and other problems. Access control also monitors and logs in who enters and exits the building, and even contains a more secure control option that requires an authorized fingerprint.

Detail And Protect Your Home

Knox offers detailed home security in Phoenix, AZ that can be fitted to suit a houses interior and exterior structure, protecting the safety and well-being of anyone inside. Looking for entertainment? Up the ante and install one of Knox’s new and innovative home theater in Pheonix. Customize and collaborate with the technicians from Knox to achieve the perfect balance between top-notch entertainment and a comfortable living area. Knox even offers a new Lifestyle Built-INvisible system which conceals any annoying wires, amplifiers, and even speakers.

There really are no limits with Knox, and while they specialize in home security systems in Phoenix and alarm systems in Phoenix, they offer countless other services and customized packages too. Contact Knox and get a reasonable quote from their caring and knowledgeable professionals today.

Home Security Systems Phoenix | Home Theater Phoenix | Home Security Phoenix AZ | Alarm Systems Phoenix