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Knox Security offers solutions in security, automation and interactive monitoring for your home and business needs. Knox Security has over 30 years of experience in the home and business security trade, ensuring your needs are met with the utmost in professionalism by employees that have been thoroughly vetted and screened. No matter your needs, business or home, we are here to serve you and protect what is most valuable. For home automation, Knox Security brings the most up to date and cutting edge technology to outfit your home with motion sensitive and automated appliances and lighting.

Home Security

Knox Security installs motion sensitive monitoring cameras, alarms (silent or audible), timers and CCTV monitors. Part of the service includes a 24/7 unit based in New Jersey that keeps track of all movement on the cameras as well as providing near instant 911 responses to the home being guarded. The monitoring station is U/L RR, an industry standard. The central station has safety redundancies built in to ensure near ironclad security and safety for your home and its contents. These fail-safes and redundancies include contingencies for power outages, natural disasters and black outs. Subscribers to the security services may opt to have emergency messages or updates sent via email or text.

Business Security

Like the home offerings, Knox Security brings the 365/24/7 U/L RR monitoring to business buildings and facilities. Audio monitoring, security video cameras, emergency redundancies and updated texts/emails or alerts are all part of the security offerings. For large companies, systems are set up for in-house along with Knox Security remote monitoring, providing a second layer of protective services. Information and data security may be included with the business security solutions, as today’s criminal knows how to move through the digital/cyber world as well as the brick and mortar. Access control panels and devices are offered as well. Everything from coded pens and access pads to tie coded entry systems where employees can enter only during certain times of the day are part of Knox Security’s business services. In today’s climate, you cannot be too careful with sensitive data and information.

Home Automation

Knox Security specializes in equipping homes with timed and automated lighting, locks, appliances and entertainment systems. Installation of calibrated automation devices that operate off smart phones or a central control panel means the home is safe and secure. Home cinemas with 90+ inch screens, projector booths, theater style seating, satellite uplinks and interfaced live streaming via the Internet are all part of the home automation or cinema offerings available from Knox Security.

To ensure you get the right service for your needs, call Knox Security at 800-462-9118 and ask to speak with a security or home automation agent. The agent walks you through the process of what to expect and arranges the perfect package for your home or business. The subscription security services are matched perfectly to the hardware, making the perfect marriage of surveillance and security. Protect that which is most important to you or your business with the professionals at Knox Security.

Phoenix Security Company | Phoenix Alarm Companies | Phoenix Alarm Systems | Security Cameras Phoenix